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"Working together is the beginning of all global achievements"
Bert van Hove

Managing Director Bert Van Hove, descendant of Olivier Van Hove, Knight, Baljuw of Gent, 1347

PhD Public Administration


  • Administrative manager
  • Actual conservator Ouburg 10 with, in particular, historical monumental elements
  • Final administrative responsibility for the annual accounts


Strategic Concept NATO 2008-2009//2019-2020//2020-2030

Health Impact Fund United Nations

Data technology


Maritime law

Medical law


Red Cross Flanders blood donations (+40x)

A glance at our achieved goals

  • Climate deal United Nations, U.S.A. 2013-2015
  • New global pharmaceutical guidelines W.H.O. 2012-2014
  • Legislations euthanasia Belgium 2012-2013
  • Srategic concept N.A.T.O. 2008-2009


Recommendations received

  • Koffi Annan (U.N.)
  • Ban Khi Moon (U.N.)
  • Barack Obama (U.S.A.)
  • Admiral Rosiers (N.A.T.O.)
  • The British Monarchy
  • Embassy of Japan
  • The White House (U.S.A.)